The snow capped Alps are a sight to behold! I squealed in delight when I saw them today as we were driving to the city on a lovely sunny day.
They look like ‘cutout white cardboard peaks ‘lil B commented. 
I finally finished The embroidery design I designed sometime back . I had been holding it so close to my heart.
Working on embroidery projects always takes me back to times when I eagerly looked forward to the summer holiday project , my mom helped me do. She helped me pick out a pattern from Soviet Woman magazine, helped me choose colours and also taught me the stitches.
I regret not pursuing my interests more seriously. Still, Its never too late to make a fresh start.
I’m thrilled it was accepted to be sold in the Pay it Foward Co Op. I was on tether hooks until it got approved by the curators. Rejection is not a easy thing to handle even after all these years. I even considered not placing it for curation, and I’m relieved I didn’t listen to the little negative voice in my head
Kia Kaha means stay strong in Moari


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