Sawtooth Star Block

Dreaming of Spring and sunshine and flowers, I worked on my Sawtooth Star block on this very dull and gloomy late Winter day.
I've been dreaming of making a baby quilt ever since I saw the Sawtooth Star quilt pattern in the book called Sweet and Simple Handmade by Melissa Wastney of the Tiny Happy Blog.
I figured it would be best to first try the block on fabric I didnot care for much.
I had some I had picked up at a Lincraft sale in my stash box 
The good fabric can wait for the big quilt I plan to make at some point . For now I'm perfectly happy to practise on these fabrics . While using them up, I'm also making room for better fabric stash. 
 That my quilt making skills have rusted over time became apparent when all the flying geese units came out wonky.
A couple of years back, I would have chucked it all and given up without attempting to finish the block.
I'm glad I didn't give up half way this time.
I've also always struggled with choosing fabric and colours .I chose these two fabric not really not sure how it would look when finished into a block. 
I had to tell myself it's only a practice piece and the final product didn't matter as much as the process , to work up the courage to even start making the block.
It also helped that I recorded the progress on Instagram Stories to keep me motivated to finish the block. 
In the end, when I did finish it, I ended up liking my block, although I have not yet decided what to do with it. 
I do love Instagram stories as well. If only it was possible to download the entire story as one unit. It would be great.


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