Until we meet again

How was your weekend? Mine just went by preparing for a dinner party on Sunday.
A few students were here in NZ doing Campus work and we invited them over for dinner  as this was their last week here. I did all the cooking J did all the cleaning. I may or may not have thrown a mini tantrum over J not checking with me before inviting people over.But we are a great team.
 We got to know a little bit about each of the students and they about us. 
As the evening progressed , in the warmth of the home, with plenty of food to pass around,  stories were shared, jokes cracked, and hearts warmed up .
I rebelled and tried a new recipe for the party . Thrilled it tasted yummy.

I was so busy with all the preparations and cooking that I completely forgot to get pictures of all the food I made

 my new concoction will be on the blog soon.
Each one came in through our doors as complete strangers but when they walked out through the same doors at the end of the day, they were not strangers anymore.So When they said their goodbyes , they all hugged me and said “until we meet again”. I really hope we do 


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