New season

New seasons are harbingers of  new perspective and optimism I reckon .My mind automatically does a mood shift as the weather warms up. Must be all the cheery flowers , the buzzing bees and chirping birds.Whatever it is, I'm happy to wave winter blues goodbye. 
The foggy start with promise of a gorgeous day didnot disappoint on the first day of Spring.
The day marked not just a change in season but also a change in our family.
It was also the last day for my first ever car with us. 
Cars though inanimate become such an integral part of our lives, associated with so many memories ,that it makes it a bitter sweet moment when it's time to let go of one and bring in another.
This was the car I learnt to drive around in. It was the car I drove my kids to school. It was my little emblem of perseverance .
With the change in circumstances, we had to exchange it for a more family friendly car.
With hopes and promises for more travel and fun J and I brought home our new  car . The boys are very happy they finally have a 'manly car 'to go around town now.


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