Lil B to the Rescue

The drone of the lawn mover reverberated through the air, drowning all the highway noises of passing vehicles.
A tiny object was making a mad dash out of the grass towards the pavement. Hitting it head on, it fell on the ground for a moment.
Lil B witnessing the scene in front of him , on the way back home from school , rushed to check out what it was. Mostly to prevent it from running into the cycle path and run into the highway and be run over by the vehicles zooming past.
I managed to catch up huffing and puffing behind. A teeny tiny heavily panting,hissing wild baby bunny stared back at us with wide open eyes.
Not really knowing what to do with the little creature, we brought her home with us,tried to calm her down with water. After about half an hour, it calmed down.
Later, we fed her milk dipped in cotton bud .After the initial fuss was over, and it had settled down quite well, Lil B wanted to have it for a pet.
We convinced Lil B that it needed to be with its mom and tried to take it back to where we found it
When we went there, we found another dead mowed down baby bunny there and Lil B was inconsolable. So the bunny came back home with us. I am trying to convince them that we cannot have a wild bunny for a pet , they are having none of it. And so our quandary remains as I do not want a menagerie in my home.
And my best defence is , "but we just got a pup!"


  1. Oh no! Your puppy is so cute. Either he will become best friends with the bunny or he will eat it up. Ha! Poor little bunny. I was leaving the Mishref walking path a couple of weeks ago and saw the same thing happen to a little black kitty. It as tossed and turned and thrown to the opposite side of the road by two cars that ran over it. Thankfully, it wasn't squashed and managed to run over to the median. I u-turned to go find it but couldn't. Though I did find a dead adult black cat. So very sad. The feral cat population here keeps growing and more and more I see cats that have been hit by cars. Terrible. Hope you figure out the best thing to do for you and the little rabbit.

    1. The bunny died the next day Tammy, probably of shock. I had a hard time consoling Lil B.
      So sad about the kitty and the cat. You are right about feral cats.There were so many in our building too.


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