Lil B learns to sew

 It all started with  a friend's daughter  selling her homemade bath bombs .Lil B wanted to learn to make something too. For some reason he decided he wanted to make slime.You tube has been his constant companion.With a gazillion tutorial on every imaginable DIY, he must have tried almost all the recipes to make slime.
Not only did we have to  put up with smell of detergent, aftershave  and what not, in his attempt to create the perfect slime ,we also had to treat him for his allergies all the fumes  from the experiments caused .
I was not very happy , so when his attention steered toward culinary experiments, I whole heartedly  cheered him on regardless of the amount of mess and dirty dishes in the kitchen as it s a better option.
Then one day he decided that he wanted  to design clothes for a living and wanted me to teach him to sew.  
We decided to start with a simple drawstring pouch. I roughly followed this tutorial  and this tutorial and made one simple unlined drawstring pouch before I could teach him.
He has spent many hours beside me before ,when I first learnt to sew and and it seems like he was  able to catch on easily.

 I was quite surprised to see him sew in straight lines unlike a certain somebody who still can't a sew straight line consistently.

This is his little drawstring bag. I gave him  a pink yarn to use as drawstring.He was so proud of his creation and immediately put it to use to store his headphone and music player.  I was so proud that he didnot lose interest halfway through the project . He did a good job . Don't you think?


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