Zippered pouch: Quick and Easy

As the days get longer and longer, breaking at around 5.30 am and stretching late into 9.00 pm,  knitting and crochet have taken the back seat
. I'm on the sewing machine a lot more than usual these days. 
Fabric selection and cutting, the two things that really threw me off sewing in the first place, don't seem as daunting for me . I'm not sure if it is getting comfortable with time or the fact that I can walk into a fabric store and get help with fabric selection etc. It could be a combination of both.
Anyway, I found this gorgeous mint with gold cross cotton and steel fabric online a while back , didn't have any plans for it when I got it.
I needed a pencil pouch , I'd been dying to make a zippered pouch, I found the perfect lining and zipper , with gold metal zip, like I wanted.It seemed like the stars had aligned when I found this pattern and tutorial at The Busy Bean.
Trying to sew a combination of a iron on batting as interfacing and metal zipper was indeed a wee bit nerve racking , but I  plodded on .
 small sewing projects  are so gratifying and fun !


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    1. Thanks Swapna. So excited to see you dropped by.

  2. Lovely pouch and the fabric is beautiful too ! I also made one last week, will post soon.
    I guess we often expect a successful output from ourselves and so we are not so confident initially but now I go with the mind thinking let it not be perfect but it would be my style.

    1. Thank you Preeti. Would love to see your pouch too. You are right Preeti, I always feel bad when I make mistakes .Im slowly getting over that mind frame


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