Hamster on a wheel

That would pretty much sum up my situation !.
I did not see this coming but my life has taken a very busy turn! Struggling to keep up, updating my blog has taken a back seat. Every attempt to sit and write an update has failed .
Still I did not want to let my memory keeper die completely.
Isn't it a little bit crazy that Summer is officially over and Autumn has began? what? Where did February go? ! Here we are almost  in the end of  March.
I have been sewing a lot more than I usually do .
I made cushion covers with upholstery fabric that I ordered from a store called Millers here.
I found the tutorial on you tube and really liked it because it was really quick. I finished four of these in an evening.
Other than that, I've also been making more blocks for my quilt for the Modern 9 Patch Mashup Sampler Quilt Along .
I find strange comfort in cutting up fabric and sewing them together. I'm not upto date with my blocks  yet .
It has been a learning curve,with fabric selection and finding out how they work together for the overall look and feel of the quilt but I've loved it so far.
I'm hoping all my blocks when done will make the quilt look coordinated .I'm not going to be too bothered if my quilt turns out to be uncoordinated though.  I've enjoyed it so much, its going to be special anyway.
Oh and btw, how do you like the new template of the blog? Blogger had a few New templates and I decided to give it a go.


  1. Good cushion covers! They coordinate well, too.

    The other pictures are a bit dark, not sure if that's because of the template?

    1. Thank you Swapna . They looked alright when I posted but now they do look dark.I will have to check it again..Nice to see your comment on my blog :)

  2. Very nice prints for throw pillows!

  3. Didn't recognize your blog when I came over here. Very classy and modern looking. Looks like you are keeping super busy and productive. I never learned to sew and don't have the patience for it now. Your pillows and quilt blocks look great.

    1. Thank you Tammy. so nice of you to stop by :)


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