Sew a lot

I missed a big chunk of Winter  , but coming back from really hot weather, it has been hard. We have had cold, gloomy rainy days. However I try not  to let it get to me.There are so many things to be grateful for .

Sewing  my hold and cherish bag over and over again has made me so comfortable with my sewing machine that Sewing has become my craft of choice lately.There is not one thing that  I don't like  now. Not even ripping out seams!
The pattern  is a bit addictive in its simplicity and the variety of results that can be  achieved with the change of prints and colour in fabric.

The previous quilt blocks I made  as part of the quilt along are still not complete. I will get to it sooon. Only the last set of blocks remain but I have as usual got distracted with new shiny stuff.

A local fabric store is offering a beginners quilting class . The hours and distance were convenient so I decided to go for it. Laid back  and friendly , it was a good first class.
The shopaholic in me was secretly delighted to have a store full of assorted fabrics to choose from .
I decided to go with this purple and aqua combination for my first block which is the simple Nine patch.
Each block teaches a new skill .One done, eleven more to go.


  1. Sewing is not something I ever learned properly or am very good at it. As a teenager, I'd sew things by hand and was quite happy with the wonky handmade outcome. Only ever used a sewing machine once, in the late 80s, when a co-worker taught me how to make a log cabin quilt block. She wound up finishing it for me into a pillow. I had a hard time controlling the pedal on the sewing machine. Seemed I only knew how to operate it at high speed which isn't good for sewing. HA! Nice that you are taking a class and learning lots of different techniques. Enjoy!

    1. This interest in sewing is only recent for me Tammy. I enjoy sewing when I have a few other doing the same around me. Thanks for dropping by .Always a pleasure to see your comment.


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