So... I'm back ....I guess

Hi everyone. I know I've been AWOL .The last post I did was in March! It has been a roller coaster ride for us as a family.
I traveled back to India. Bittersweet trip.
My father in law passed away. Just when we were hoping to go and spend time with him. . 
But I also got to spend time with the rest of the family.
I got to see my dad after he recovered from his unexpected illness and my brother after a long time.
I got back from sweltering heat to extremely freezing weather , the saving grace is that the sun is out. And we still have two more days of the school holidays to go. 
Friends, knitting ,sewing , cooking have helped me
pull through my homesickness.
photo credit .SMJ 

This soon to be a year fluffball and her freshly minted teen brother have entertained me so much with their fight over who gets to sit near me during TV watching time.
Let not those almost serene eyes fool you into thinking that she would give up her place near momma  gracefully. "No, Never " like my two year old Nephew likes to say. She would even sit on top of you, if she must ,until you are uncomfortable enough to move away. And she wins  Every. Single . Time.

Please let us take a minute to admire this beautiful cake. Not only is it beautiful, its so yummy too. 

My friend's  talented and creative  daughter has started a small cake decorating business.  I was so glad I got this cake from her to surprise Lil B for his 13th birthday. She made it for me at such a short notice and home delivered it for me as well. Lil B was so thrilled.


  1. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Belated wishes for Lil B. Although 13 isn't so little anymore. :)


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